Self-Soothe via Smell

When we become overwhelmed and distressed it is hard to think our way to calmness and this is where we need to utilise our five senses to help calm us. Here I’ve collated my favourite grounding or sensory items that you will find in my therapy self-soothe box.

First up is the ‘Scentered De-Stress Balm*’, I find that using my sense of smell can be a really good way to help calm myself. However, we are all very different so make sure you pick something that you enjoy the smell of if you are going to use it as a way to soothe. For example, I really struggle with lavender and find this makes me more worked up. Not what I want in my self-soothe box! I always have a ‘Scentered De-Stress Balm’ in my self-soothe box (or in my handbag).

🧠✨ Dr Gracie x

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